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Samuel Signs digital cards allow you to print the cards yourself and activate the augmented reality.

The combo includes the 4 packs of 25 signs in pdf, and the Emotions pack. Also receive in BONUS 4 Samuel and friends cards!

The theme Samuel at the beach pack, with the following words:
Help, Friends, Tree, Bravo, Beach, Music, Hat, Run, Dance, Sand, Outside, Star, Slide,Play, Moon, Walk, Sea, Swim, Bird, Come, Rain, Fish, Jump, Sun, Video

Pack No 1, with the following words:
Love, Sit, Rock, Booboo, Drink, Hug, Diaper, Give, Sleep, Water, Again, Hungry, Tired, Cold, Dress, Juice, Milk, Wash, Eat, Plush, Cry, Stroller, Take, Pacifier, End

Pack No 2, with the following words:
Wait, Gently, Yes, Banana, A lot, Beef, Cereal, Hot, Happy, Funny, Remove, Angry, Close, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, No, Father, Small, Fear, Apple, Chicken, Look, Sister

Pack No 3, with the following words:
After, Tie, Hide, Cat, Dog, Pig, Cut, Draw, Hear, Nice, Tall, Big, Throw, Book, Heavy, Light, House, Thank you, Open, Talk, Paint, Signs, Phone, Car, Fly

Emotions pack, with the following words:
Love, Boo, Hug, Funny, Angry, Hungry, Tired, Kind, Scared, Cry

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