Samuel launched his new products!

Samuel Signs is focused on learning simplified sign language for babies, toddlers and children, to teach them to communicate at a time when verbal language is not yet possible.

Simplified sign language it not only allows the child to express his needs and emotions, but also allows the whole family to communicate with him.

Mobile application: Samuel at the Beach

Samuel at the Beach is an interactive mobile application available in three languages, containing an animated short film of Samuel’s adventures, songs, catalog of 100 signs and an interactive game.

The signs have been carefully selected and are easy to master by children. The sign catalog is intuitive, with its retractable menu, you can organize words alphabetically, by favorites, categories such as environment, feelings, objects, and more.



In addition, with the language option, children can learn other languages ​​such as English and Spanish.

Would you like to test your sign learning progress?

Our fun and interactive quiz will validate your level of learning! In the game, Samuel will help you to learn and memorize the signs.

Play as a family! Have fun guessing the signs! Compare your score with each other!

The mobile application is available on App Store :

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Box of signs cards

Samuel at the Beach’s Box contains a total of 100 sign cards, including a box of 25 themed sign cards and three boxes of 25 regular signs.

Store your cards in Samuel’s Box! Easy to carry, it will follow you everywhere!

Plus, by getting Samuel’s Box, you’ll have free access to Augmented Reality technology, allowing you to see Samuel make 3D signs in front of you!

Samuel signs cards

In addition to the Samuel at the Beach box, Samuel signs cards are available in individual packages of 25 cards.

These cards allow you to learn sign language individually or in groups. Practice your signs by category or learn English and Spanish while having fun with your family!

Each of the 4 available boxes contains 25 signs cards. Their format makes them easy to use and store.

Get the boxes and grow your catalog of signs to learn!

Digital cards

The Samuel Signs Digital Cards allow you to print the sign cards yourself and activate Augmented Reality on your app.

They are sold in groups of 25 signs. There is the Samuel theme card group at the beach as well as 3 different sign boxes for a total of 100 digital cards.

Among the 100 digital cards, a specific grouping is also available: the Emotions digital cards. It includes 10 signs.

Get the cards in digital format and learn simplified sign language now!

Augmented Reality

Learn more easily by seeing Samuel doing the closeup signs in your real world!! Thanks to Augmented Reality, he will accompany you everywhere!

Use sign cards to activate Augmented Reality. Each card is different and has its own sign animation.

You can zoom in, take pictures with Samuel and even share them with your friends!

Download a free sign card and activate your Augmented Reality through our app!


samuel signes-signe bebe-jeu educatif-langage signes-seasign-imprimer carte


Come play with us!

SAMUEL, this happy and adventurous little boy welcomes you in his world where family, friendship and unity are very important.

LOLA, this little crab, friend of Samuel, is very fast and agile with her hands. She can build the most beautiful sand castles!

ZACK is one of the characters of the adventures of Samuel at the Beach. This little feisty lizard is not afraid of challenges and likes to have fun with his friends.

Have fun singing and dancing with MATTY, one of the characters from the adventures of Samuel at the Beach. This cool turtle knows how to entertain his friends at all times!

Samuel’s Signs Boxes are available at our participating retailers!

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