Learn with Samuel, your best learning buddy!

Samuel teaches simplified sign language in 3 languages to babies ,toddlers and children so we can communicate with them even before they can speak.

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Samuel Signs

Follow Samuel’s adventures at the beach and learn simplified sign language using a mobile app that includes video, songs and augmented reality. You thus enter the world of Samuel to play and learn with him.

Playing cards are also available in boxes of 25 cards, in a box also in a digital version.

Guaranteed entertainment for all family!

What sets us apart from other approaches available on the market are the following:

For the application :


Samuel’s avatar becomes a virtual teacher, your friends and learning companion

A world in 3D

An interactive game

A video of Samuel’s adventure

Animated songs

App available on App Store and Google Play

For the application as well as the cards, in package, in box or virtual:


Quality visual content

Facilitator between educator, parent and child

Learning in 3 languages

The technology of Augmented Reality

No need for training

    Guaranteed entertainment for all family!!

    Samuel, your best learning buddy!

    The benefits of sign language 

    Sign language has long been studied and recognised for its benefits with children:

    • Helps babies to express their needs, reducing their frustration and temper tantrums, making them happier
    • Makes a stronger and unique bond between the parents and their baby
    • Develops a better self confidence
    • Earlier intellectual and emotional development
    • Increases children’s language development speed, their vocabulary and expressions
    • Encourages interest in reading books