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5 Apr 2019Educational games, Sign cards: box, packages, digital

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Signs cards

Samuel Signs cards allow you to learn simplified sign language while having fun with your baby, toddler, child and adult.

Regardless of the learner’s condition, whether neurotypical, with hearing, language or autism spectrum disorder, Samuel Signs cards are a valuable and fun tool to promote communication by learning simplified sign language.

Sign cards are currently available in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish.

The cards are also available in 3 different ways: in a box, in individual boxes or in digital format.

Here are all the details so you can start using Samuel Signs cards now!


Samuel at the beach: the box

The box includes the 4 packages of 25 signs cards each. These colorful and attractive cards are 3.5 inches wide by 5.75 inches high. They have a plastic finish for a better durability.

The box also includes an individual explanatory map of Samuel and his 3 friends, Zack, Lola and Matty.

One box, 100 sign cards

In the Samuel at the Beach box, the 100 cards are divided into 4 packages. They are assembled as follows:

samuel signs-sign baby-educational game-signs language -seasign- cards

1- Blue box:

The blue box contains 25 cards with the following theme words Samuel at the Beach:

Help, Friends, Tree, Bravo, Beach, Music, Hat, Run, Dance, Sand, Outdoors, Star, Slide, Play, Moon, Walk, Sea, Swim, Bird, Come, Rain, Fish, Jump, Sun, Video.

2- Green box:

The green box also includes 25 cards, with the following words:

Love, Sit, Rock, Bobo, Drink, Hug, Diaper, Give, Sleep, Water, Again, Hungry, Tired, Cold, Dress, Juice, Milk, Wash, Eat, Cuddle, Cry, Stroller, Take, Suck, Finished.

3- Yellow box:

The yellow box in turn contains 25 cards, with the following words:

Wait, Gently, Yes, Banana, Many, Beef, Cereals, Hot, Happy, Funny, Remove, Angry, Close, Brother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, No, Father, Small, Fear, Apple, Chicken, Look, Sister.

4- Red box:

Finally, the red box also includes 25 cards, with the following words:

Afterwards, Tie, Hide, Cat, Dog, Pig, Cut, Draw, Hear, Sweet, Big, Big, Big, Throw, Book, Heavy, Light, Home, Thank you, Open, Talk, Paint, Signs, Phone, Car, Fly.


Description of the cards

Communicate in one universal language - Samuel Signs - simplified sign language - cards

Samuel Signs cards have two sides: one with a pictogram and the other with Samuel who shows in 4 steps how to make the sign. They are also presented under 9 categories.


1- Pictogram side card:

On the front, in addition to the pictogram that represents the sign to be learned, you will also find the word written in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

This side of the pictogram card is also used to activate Augmented Reality (see the next section for the instructions).


2- Samuel side card:

On the back of the card, you will find Samuel making the sign in 4 steps:

  • Step 1 is the beginning of the sign;
  • Steps 2 and 3 show the progress of the movement;
  • Step 4 is the end of the sign.

On this side you will also find again the pictogram of the sign to be learned as well as the word in three languages.

3- Categories:

Each card color represents a category for easy classification:

  • Action: blue
  • Adjective: red
  • Animals: orange
  • Communication: turquoise
  • Emotion: purple
  • Environment: aqua
  • Family: pink
  • Food: yellow
  • Object: green


Augmented Reality

When you buy sign cards, you have the opportunity to activate the Augmented Reality on your mobile application.

Learn simplified sign language with Samuel thanks to augmented reality: Samuel comes to your home and close to you!

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How to use the cards with augmented reality

  • Download the mobile application Samuel Signs at the Beach in a free version (integrated purchases) on App Store or Google Play;
  • Open the application and tap Cards in the menu;
  • Choose a sign card from your box, pack or digital card;
  • Turn the card to the pictogram side;
  • Aim the card with the camera on your phone and placing the card in the center of the rectangle appearing on your screen;
  • Samuel then appears in your home!
  • Press the triangle so that Samuel makes the sign;
  • Option 1: enlarge Samuel with the green circle at the bottom by pushing him to the right;
  • Option 2: press the round face at the top left to see Samuel;
  • Choose another card to see Samuel make another sign.


Also available

In addition to the box, the signs cards are also available in individual packages as well as in digital format.


Individual packs

Samuel Signs cards are also available in 4 individual packages sold separately.

Each pack contains 25 cards each, according to the same distribution as the box presented earlier.

These are the same colorful and attractive cards 3.5 inches wide by 5.75 inches high, with a plastic finish for greater durability.


Digital cards

Samuel Signs’ digital cards allow you to print the signs cards yourself and activate the Augmented Reality.

They are sold in packs of 25 cards according to the same subdivision as the card packages offered in packs and boxes.


In conclusion

This article will be improved as you go along with different ways to use cards, game ideas and ways to include sign language in your daily life.



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Learn with Samuel, your best learning buddy!

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