Seasign was created as a result of two parents’ desire to make a difference in their little boy’s life by allowing him at an early age to develop communication tools using sign language.

When our son Samuel came into our lives, we wanted the best for his education and happiness. From an early age, we learned simplified sign language for children with Samuel. This learning allowed us to communicate very early and create a very strong bond with our boy, before he could even speak.
We want all families to be able to experience the same happiness as we do.
– Eugénie and André


The company’s mission is to make simplified sign language as important as learning a second language.

Imagine a world…

Whether you have a neurotypical child or a communication problem, regardless of age and nationality, everyone could understand easily with simplified sign language!


The 3 goals at Seasign are:

  • Bring children to express themselves and communicate
  • Promote children’s learning through the development of technology solutions with experiential, interactive and entertaining content
  • Make this family experience fun and memorable.


Seasign stands out mainly in the approach advocated by his team to make learning signs in children easier and more attractive.

Here is how they stand out:

For the application :


Samuel’s avatar becomes a virtual teacher, your friends and learning companion

A world in 3D

An interactive game

A video of Samuel’s adventure

Animated songs

App available on App Store and Google Play

For the application as well as the cards, in package, in box or virtual:


Quality visual content

Facilitator between educator, parent and child

Learning in 3 languages

The technology of Augmented Reality

No need for training

    samuel-signs-sign-baby-educational-game-signs-language--logo application mobile en  samuel signs-sign baby-educational game-signs language -seasign-logo augmented reality

    samuel-signs-sign-baby-educational-game-signs-language-seasign-App Store Badge-US-300x101 samuel signs-sign baby-educational game-signs language -seasign-google-play-badge

    Samuel Signs

    Seasign develops through the adventures of its main character, Samuel, and other various educational products that make learning sign language process simple, attractive, fun, and innovative.

    Seasign wants to make a difference in the way learning is achieved by creating products that will become the privileged reference tools for children in their learning simplified sign language process and more

    With Samuel, Seasign gives children an opportunity to live their amazing adventures while learning and having fun!


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