Communicate in one universal language

Communicate in one universal language

Communicate in one universal language

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Seasign recently launched its first commercial mobile app version for babies and kids, Samuel at the Beach.

This e-learning app uses the latest technologies in sound, animation, design, augmented reality, gaming and simplified sign language coding to teach any child to master a language in record time!

The mobile app can be downloaded at the App Store or on Google Play and is presently available in three languages – French, English and Spanish.


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We spent over three years to perfect our e-learning method with a team of tech and language experts to produce an application that could be used with babies, toddlers, kids and even adults of different conditions. Whether the learner is neurotypical, has a hearing, language or autism spectrum disorder, the Samuel at the Beach application offers a simple, attractive, fun and innovative learning process.




Inspired at first to teach our 5-year-old son, Samuel, simplified sign language to increase his communication and language skills, we realized this method was so successful so we decided to make it available for all children, regardless of their culture, age or language barrier.

If language helps us communicate with each other, shapes our lives and transforms the world, how will our children be able to master the 6,000 to 7,000 languages that exist in the world or master 200 sign languages?”

This question has become the Seasign team motto as each of our members collaborate to ensure no language barrier prevent babies or kids to learn how to communicate universally and inclusively, while having fun!


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Learn with Samuel, your best learning buddy!

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